Offers a full range of legal investigative services, including:

Location Attempts, Skip Tracing, Pre-employment Services and Background Checks: Includes searches into various confidential sources. Rates and additional background checks available upon client’s needs and can include corporate searches, criminal histories and social security identification.

Asset Search: Includes local real property, statewide registration, motor vehicle records, assumed names, DBAs, civil inquiries, credit check (with approval), criminal search etc. – up to five hours courthouse research. A rate of $125 an hour is applied after five hours.

Surveillance: We handle surveillance related to cases involving domestic, child custody, criminal, civil, and/or insurance matters. We are happy to discuss other surveillance services based on our client’s needs. Surveillance services are billed at $125 and hour (portal to portal) plus mileage at 75 cents per mile. Out of state / county services will be billed hourly plus expenses.

General Investigations: Includes acquisitions of witness statements, background matters and other types based on our client’s needs. General investigation services are billed at $125 an hour.

Witness Interviews: Witness statements are often necessary in the event of a legal action involving criminal, civil or probate matters. The experienced investigators at K. Griff Investigations are able to obtain recorded witness statements either in person or telephonically.

Record/Document Retrieval: Our records department will help you retrieve regular or certified copies of police incident or accident reports, criminal, civil and case documents.

Fraud Investigation: Our experienced investigators can assist with mortgage and loan frauds in a time when identity fraud and identity theft is rampant.